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  • S.No. Course Code Campus Code Enrollment no of HNBGU Name Father name Gender Category DOB Qualification Subject Alloted Remarks
    15012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC No Praveen VermaMan SinghMUR30/05/2001Computer Science & Engineering
    25012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Birkha RaniVijay SinghFOBC24/08/2002Computer Science & Engineering
    35012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Abhinav AgarwalS K AgarwalMUR18/03/2002Computer Science & Engineering
    45012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Devansh Bhushan MishraS B MishraMUR09/08/2002Computer Science & Engineering
    55012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Satyam BusiSatyanarayan BusiMSC17/01/2003Computer Science & Engineering
    65012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Nidhi PathakR K PathakFUR02/02/2002Computer Science & Engineering
    75012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Arshad Mahmood KhanMahmood Alam KhanMUR28/02/2000Computer Science & Engineering
    85012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Aditya Kumar SinghSanjay Kumar SinghMUR08/02/2002Computer Science & Engineering
    95012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Ayush KumarBharat PrasadMOBC27/02/2002Computer Science & Engineering
    105012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Akash PrajapatiA K PrajapatiMUR15/10/2001Computer Science & Engineering
    115012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Shreya ShuklaSanjit ShuklaFUR10/11/2001Computer Science & Engineering
    125012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Swayam Nand Lal PrasadMOBC01/08/2002Computer Science & Engineering
    135012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Raushan KumarS RayMOBC12/05/2002Computer Science & Engineering
    145012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Tanisha Gupta H L GuptaFUR11/11/2001Computer Science & Engineering
    155012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Anurag KumarDinesh ThakurMST01/04/2002Computer Science & Engineering
    165012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Aniket NamdevAnil Kumar NamdevMOBC01/11/2001Computer Science & Engineering
    175012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Prakriti KumarSudhir KumarMEWS27/02/2001Computer Science & Engineering
    185012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Chetan SainiKC SainiMUR09/11/2005Computer Science & Engineering
    195012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Saloni KumariJ P RoyFOBC25/09/2002Computer Science & Engineering
    205012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC NA Pankaj KumarHimmat SinghMSC06/08/2001Computer Science & Engineering
    215012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Bharat SinghDaan SinghMUR06/12/2002Electronics & Communication Engineering
    225012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Mansi RawatSandeep RawatFUR23/07/2002Electronics & Communication Engineering
    235012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Lalesh NathJitendraMOBC17/06/2002Electronics & Communication Engineering
    245012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Anubhab PatiA K PatiMUR02/02/2003Electronics & Communication Engineering
    255012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC T PruthvirajC Mohan SinghMEWS14/12/2002Electronics & Communication Engineering
    265012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Sourav RajRaj Kumar ChauhanMOBC01/08/2003Electronics & Communication Engineering
    275012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Shivam GuptaB K GuptaMUR02/07/2002Electronics & Communication Engineering
    285012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Arpit BalodhiM P BalodhiMUR18/06/2003Electronics & Communication Engineering
    295012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Arif AnsariAnawar AnsariMOBC15/09/2001Electronics & Communication Engineering
    305012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Dushyant SinghSatya Pal SinghMUR03/07/2003Electronics & Communication Engineering
    315012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Sanjana RawatB S RawatFUR14/06/2002Electronics & Communication Engineering
    325012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Mansi GhildiyalT M GhildiyalFUR25/07/2002Electronics & Communication Engineering
    335012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC no Ishan SharmaJ P SharmaMUR25/05/2002Electronics & Communication Engineering
    345012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Maddula DevendranathMaddula Vithal RaoMUR20/10/2002Electronics & Communication Engineering
    355012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Mufeed AlamMohd IslaamMOBC24/05/2000Electronics & Communication Engineering
    365012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Aditya SainiAtul Kumar SainiMOBC08/04/2003Electronics & Communication Engineering
    375012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Abhay BhardwajShambbhu DuttMUR23/02/2002Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    385012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Varun PandeyManish PandeyMUR12/04/2002Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    395012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC N/A Md SanouarMd ChandMOBC05/03/1999Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    405012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Shubham ChauhanU S ChauhanMUR17/08/2003Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    415012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Piyush BhakuniS S BhakuniMUR03/11/2002Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    425012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Mohd NavedZahid HusainMUR01/07/2002Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    435012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Rishank ChauhanRajveer SinghMUR17/04/2004Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    445012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Saurabh YadavA K YadavMUR13/07/2002Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    455012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Om KumarDharamendra KumarMUR13/08/2002Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    465012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Ashish Kumar VermaM K VermaMOBC15/07/2003Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    475012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC No Amit Kumar RaiDayshankar RaiMUR13/08/2001Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    485012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Iresha MishraRajesh MishraFUR20/08/2003Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    495012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Md Ashif IqbalMd Shamsuddin AhmadMEWS15/01/2002Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    505012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Aishwarya TripathiYogendra TripathiMUR15/09/2003Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
    515012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Akriti YadavRamesh YadavFUR03/07/2003Information Technology
    525012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC No YashSatish KumarMUR31/07/2001Information Technology
    535012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Chandan KumarUpendra PrasadMOBC01/12/2001Information Technology
    545012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Santosh ChauhanOm PrakashMOBC21/01/2002Information Technology
    555012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Amit RawatN S RawatMUR24/02/2001Information Technology
    565012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Tanishk BahugunaG P BahugunaMUR13/03/2002Information Technology
    575012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC - Akanksha AryaTrilok ChandraFSC08/06/2001Information Technology
    585012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Vijay KashyapRakeshMOBC22/12/1999Information Technology
    595012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Sahil SemwalVijay Prakash SemwalMEWS30/03/2003Information Technology
    605012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Yogesh Singh RawatMohan Singh RawatMUR08/11/2002Information Technology
    615012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Megha BahugunaV D BahugunaFUR09/12/2002Information Technology
    625012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Rishika GuptaSurendra SahFOBC16/01/2000Information Technology
    635012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Shambhavi PandeyAnurag PandeyFUR16/04/2002Information Technology
    645012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Prabhneet Singh NarulaP S NarulaMUR25/01/2001Information Technology
    655012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Randheer Singh ChauhanBalchand Singh ChauhanMOBC21/12/2001Information Technology
    665012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Rishab RajR P SwarnkarMUR23/04/2002Mechanical Engineering
    675012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Deepak Singh NegiCharan Singh NegiMUR05/01/2003Mechanical Engineering
    685012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC DeepanshuA C PandeyMEWS26/10/2001Mechanical Engineering
    695012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Shivam KumarUmesh KumarMSC31/05/2002Mechanical Engineering
    705012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Vijay Kumar SuyalUmesh ChandraMUR16/07/2001Mechanical Engineering
    715012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Pawan KumarAbhay KumarMOBC25/07/2002Mechanical Engineering
    725012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Shubham KumarBrajesh Kumar SinghMUR10/05/2001Mechanical Engineering
    735012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Mohit ThapliyalMahabir SinghMUR10/01/2001Mechanical Engineering
    745012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Vimal SinghRishi PalMUR12/01/2002Mechanical Engineering
    755012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Rudresh KathaitRajpal Singh KathaitMUR21/09/2002Mechanical Engineering
    765012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC GouravRampalMUR22/04/2001Mechanical Engineering
    775012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Piyush RajNand Kumar VermaMUR21/07/2002Mechanical Engineering
    785012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Priyanka LingwalNarendra Singh LingwalFUR28/06/2002Mechanical Engineering
    795012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC TanveerGayyurMOBC08/07/1999Mechanical Engineering
    805012-B.Tech. - I Semester BCC Himanshu SharmaAshok SharmaMOBC08/04/2003Mechanical Engineering