The Result of ENTRANCE TEST 2019

Course Name:PhD(Horticulture)

S.No Roll No Candidate Name Father Name Sex DOB Category* Total Test Marks# Result UG and PG Marks(%)
1 1413003 PANKAJ CHAUDHARY OM PRAKASH URF U. M. SINGH M 1993-09-09 UR 52 QualifiedUG-73.54
2 4413001 AARTI GHUNIYAL GIRDHARI SAILANI F 1990-07-05 SC 47 QualifiedUG-70.67
3 1413001 MANISH KUMAR RISHPAL SINGH CHOUDHARY M 1992-12-10 UR 49 Not QualifiedUG-67.07
4 3413001 PRADEEP KUMAR BAHUGUNA KESHAV DUTT BAHUGUNA M 1992-08-10 UR 43 Not QualifiedUG-51.61
5 4413002 AKHILESH RATURI MAHESH CHAND RATURI M 1990-03-07 UR 40 Not QualifiedUG-68.95

#Test marks displayed are based on the response of OMR sheet filled by the candidates and the key provided by the respective subject paper setter.
* Subjected to Verification from the Original Document

Coordinator- Entrance Test 2019