List of colleges whose result has been declared under CBCS(student can download grade card using user id and password)
Bachelor of Arts-3 Semester

S.No. College code College Name Total students
1121 B.Gopala Reddy Campus, Pauri (Garhwal)195
2130 Mahayogi Gurugorakhnath Mahavidyalaya, Bithyani,Yamkeshwar57
3131 Rath Mahavidhyalaya,Paithani, Pauri (Garhwal152
4134 School of Arts Communication and Languages722
5141 Balganga Mahavidyalaya, Sendul Kemar, Tehri (Garhwal)238
6150 S.R.T. Campus, Badshahithaul,Tehri (Garhwal)212
7204 Baba Farid Institute of Technology, Dehradun17
8207 D.A.V. (P.G.) College, Dehradun1276
9208 D.B.S.(P.G.) College, Dehradun224
10216 G.R.D. Girls Degree College, Dehradun7
11227 M.K.P. (P.G.) College, Dehradun757
12228 M.P.G. College, Mussoorie256
13230 N.W.T. Degree College, Ladpur, Dehradun77
14234 S.G.R.R. (P.G.) College, Dehradun236
15301 B.S.M. (P.G.) College, Roorkee313
16308 Dhanouri College, Dhanouri, Roorkee71
17309 Garg Degree College, Laksar, Hardwar240
18313 Harsh Vidhya Mandir (P.G.) College, Raisi,Hardwar 411
19318 Mahila Mahavidhalaya (P.G.) College, Satikund-Kankhal (Hardwar)300
20319 Methodist Girls Degree College, Roorkee149
21322 R.M.P. (PG) College, Narson71
22325 S.M.J.N. (P.G.) College, Hardwar226
23326 S.S.D.P.C. Kanya Mahavidhyalaya, Roorkee273
24327 P.R.C. Mahavidhyalaya,Rohalki-Kishanpur(Hardwar)160
25328 Vyapar Mandal Kanya Degree College,Manglore (Hardwar)73
26341 B.S.M. (PG) College, Roorkee (Self Finance)379

Other colleges result put on hold because their Internal/Practical Awards(Online+Hard Copy) still not received by the University